"We work in partnership with our clients in designing personalized financial planning and investment management strategies that look to satisfy their heart and mind, and is in accordance with their wealth management, philanthropic, and legacy planning goals."

Impact Investing

We are specialists in the area of impact investing and we bring forth unique ideas and strategies that are congruent with our clients’ social and environmental values. Impact investing is not an asset class; it’s a lens through which one looks when constructing an investment portfolio. We work in partnership with our clients in designing personalized financial planning and investment management strategies that look to satisfy their heart and mind, and is in accordance with their wealth management, philanthropic, and legacy planning goals. Our clients invest so they can live the life they envisioned leading, while providing a family legacy that touches the lives of many, both at home and around the world. See our Partner Page for a list of organizations which help us to fulfill our own mission.

Estate Planning

Upon death, you can leave your money to your loved ones, your favorite charities, or to the government… and you must choose two out of the three. We look to maximize the distribution of the wealth that you have created to meet your personal objectives. We assist you in establishing a comprehensive estate plan that leaves little to chance. Planning for the distribution of your estate efficiently and effectively allows you to create a lasting legacy that has meaning, and one that can positively impact the lives of many.

Investment Planning

Whether you’re planning for retirement, a philanthropic endeavor, or your ultimate legacy, the last step in any planning is how to best allocate your available assets to pursue those end-goals. Based on our years of experience and the depth of knowledge in understanding how different asset classes are correlated, we construct a diversified portfolio that is aimed at achieving your needed return, while attempting to minimize the risk associated with getting you there. Aligning your investments with your core values and personal beliefs allows you the comfort of knowing that you are deploying your capital into areas of opportunity that can help to improve the world in which you live.

Tax Planning

The tax-man will cometh, as the old adage goes, but there are strategies that can be considered to help minimize Uncle Sam’s yearly payday. Tax advantaged investments, tax-deferred growth, and strategically allocating assets in seeking to minimize your yearly tax bill are just some of the action steps that can be employed in your planning. What assets should you utilize first in retirement? Should you take a capital gain this year or next year? What are the tax implications of holding particular investments? Clearly understanding the impact of taxes is vital in pursuing your financial goals.

Retirement Planning

Utilizing some of the most advanced technology in the field of financial planning, we will design a personalized plan that directs you from your current financial situation towards pursuing financial freedom during your years in retirement. As no roadway is ever a straight path, and many maps tend to become outdated, we will provide regular reviews and make adjustments as needed. All of this should allow you added confidence in knowing that you are always on the right road to your own retirement.

Income Planning

On the news, in the papers, and online, it’s been made clear: you will be responsible for the largest percentage of your income in retirement, more so than any other generation. As pensions get shut down, and as Social Security reserves continue to decline – finding ways to supplement your income in retirement is becoming one of the most important aspects in one’s planning for a comfortable retirement. We can help to look at your options and then bring forth executable plans of action that can help to provide a steady stream of income in accordance with your needs.

Risk Management

There are many types of risk: broad market risk, investment selection risk, interest rate risk, economic risk, credit or default risk, correlation risk, country specific risk, exchange risk, personal liability risk… and so on. The identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks are key fundamentals within investment and wealth planning. We analyze not only your investment portfolio risks, but also transferrable risks that can be catastrophic to your financial well-being. One needs to know where they are susceptible to these types of risks, and take action to reduce their risk exposure.

Philanthropic Planning

We are committed to assisting you in developing the platform for sharing the successes you’ve enjoyed with those whom you love and with the causes that are most meaningful to you. We implement strategies that can help you to maximize your gifts to these organizations so as to create a longer lasting impact. Through philanthropy, you are transmitting your hopes, and keeping them going into the future. Wealth is a powerful tool for the change that we hope to see in our own communities and around the world. Taking the steps to create a philanthropic plan, will enable you to turn that hope into a reality.

Education Planning

Whether for your own children, or possibly your grandchildren, our belief is that the best investment you’ll ever make is the investment you make in a loved one’s education. College costs increase each and every year, and the numbers are staggering when you project out 18-years. Setting aside money to cover these costs is something that should be done separately and independent from your other investment and planning strategies. We help you to create an education plan for those needs, and work with you in seeking do it in the most tax-efficient manner.

Employee Benefit Planning

As a business owner, good talent is tough to keep, unless you reward them and give them a reason to stay. Creating retention strategies such as initiating a 401(k) Plan, or a Non-Qualified Deferred Comp Plan can separate you from your competition and keep your company moving forward with your best talent intact. We can educate you regarding the potential options to determine the type of plan that is best suited for your line of business. Not all plans are created equal, but the cost of creating a new and improved plan pales in comparison to losing a key employee.

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